Hi everybody,
My name is Ella Harari and I’m the Wandering Goddess!

We were all a Tribe once

Travel around East Africa with me, the cradle of humanity,
through fascinating tribes, ancient customs, and never ending inspiration of
our original way of living- as we were all a tribe once.


Get inspired by Mama Africa
Tribal life, rites of passage, community values, traditional crafts and much more…

About a needle and a box

What does a needle have to do with an umbrella? Well it’s the box that comes between us and the answer to this question. I mean a mental box. And the thing is, it turns out it’s a Western-kind-of-thinking box. All will make sense I promise, just click and let’s begin the needle story…

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baraka's art - Detail from a hand made bag by Baraka.

Baraka’s art

Around East Africa, I’ve met many young people who make their living by creating for the souvenir industry, out of them, I occasionally meet artists. Baraka is just that, an artist in his soul.

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My Kweme earrings. On the left from the hard inner shell, and on the left from the outer inner shell.

My Kweme earrings

A new and wonderful project started when one day I walked into the kitchen just as the chef finished cracking the unique Kilimanjaro oyster nuts for his famous sauce. I looked at the empty shells with their rich texture and immediately knew what I was going to create from them…

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Chagga tribe grandmother holding the nuts she harvested in her farm

Oyster nuts – super food of the Kilimanjaro

Oyster nuts are a tasty and highly nutritious super food, and everything about them fascinates me. Kweme in Swahili, it’s definitely another one of Mother Earth’s wonders and a special gift to the mountain dwellers. The nuts, that grow inside a kind of a giant green gourd, have a unique connection to the heritage of the Chagga tribe among which I live…

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girl with rag ball

Childhood games

The village kids on the slopes of the Kilimanjaro, as many other African kids, are very creative with their games. Without excess of store-bought toys that are imposed on Western kids, nature is their play ground. Childhood games in the safe embrace of the community are a vital and integrated way of learning and maturing into healthy adult life. Hope you’ll get inspired by this…

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Check out my personal tips,
and may your own unique path be blessed with good people and inspiring experiences!

Africa black gold

Black gold of Africa

Read about the people behind the amazing Arabica coffee grown in East Africa- the black gold of Africa. Here you’ll also find great coffee tours for your own visit to East Africa!

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Kumbu kumbu

Kumbu kumbu means memories in Swahili. Whenever I get the chance, I make copies of my pictures and give them as gifts to the people I’ve met along the way.
Nothing could have prepared me for the joy and heart felt gratitude I received in return. It brought me to tears…

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Tanzania Safari

Where to begin planning your unforgettable Tanzania Safari trip?
Here are my 9 tips to get you started, along with some gorgeous photos& videos from my own Serengeti safari trip.

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Life on the road

SOLO WOMAN TRAVELLER IN AFRICA: What’s it like for a solo woman traveler around East Africa?
Read this post if you’re considering it.

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