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I arrived in the village of Shimbwe on the slopes of the Kilimanjaro “by chance”,
and fell in love with the mountain and its people.
Since then it has really become my home.

Enjoy the heartwarming stories I share here, about community, ancient traditions, and simple honest togetherness…

And if you too can’t resist the magic of Shimbwe and the Kilimanjaro, come to Tanzania, and visit us on the mountain for a unique unforgettable African experience.

Talk to me for details!

Rosemary Ludovick Kinyaiya
My Kilimanjaro home

Rosemary’s coming of age story

This is the story of a woman from a far away tribe and her coming of age ceremony.
A woman who’s still carrying fragrances of a heritage that has long been forgotten in many parts of Africa, just as it has been forgotten by us. Now is time for remembering …

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My Kilimanjaro home

Kumbu kumbu

Kumbu kumbu means memories in Swahili. Whenever I get the chance, I make copies of my pictures and give them as gifts to the people I’ve met along the way.
This beautiful idea was given to me by a fellow traveler and I’m gladly passing it forward.

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African inspiration

About a boy

The walk down the Kanga river and all that happened on the way. A story about people and community on the slopes of the Kilimanjaro.

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My Kilimanjaro home

Kilimanjaro treasures

When we hear Kilimanjaro most of us will think about mountain climbing, but there is so much more to do around this beautiful mountain. Let me tell you…

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My Kilimanjaro home

Weaving in a bar

How did I come to have weaving lessons in a bar on the Kilimanjaro mountain?
This story is about one traditional craft coming back to life in a bar of all places.

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