Category: Sacred femininity

Femininity is sacred.
Once upon a time we knew that as part of our basic human knowledge.
In ancient tribal societies women were revered
for being the givers of life, the seers, heelers and peace makers.
I felt this deep connection with my own sacred femininity
in the first coming of age ceremony I ever experienced
in Bagamoyo Tanzania.

Since 2002 I’ve been sharing this profound inspiration with women and girls groups in Israel.

Now I’m back here with my Mama Africa, to share much more
of the tribal feminine wisdom.

Get inspired with me.
And let me help you turn inspiration into teachings,
personal ceremonies, initiations- for you and for girls you hold dear.

African inspiration

Seven days

This is how long a girl stays home with the women of her family after her first blood appears. She is given much needed time adjusting to the changes, in the loving embrace of mothers. We can too!

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Rosemary Ludovick Kinyaiya
Rites of passage

Rosemary’s coming of age story

This is the story of a woman from a far away tribe and her coming of age ceremony.
A woman who’s still carrying fragrances of a heritage that has long been forgotten in many parts of Africa, just as it has been forgotten by us. Now is time for remembering …

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Rites of passage

From girls to women

In the home of Mama Ally in Bagamoyo, a rite of passage was about to take place. Two girls will be initiated into womanhood. Join me for this inspirational story…

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Rites of passage

Makonde tribe initiation

The Makonde women are known for their strong and free spirit – I was very excited for this coming of age celebration of girls who have just completed their initiation into the world of women.

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