Hakuna Matata

Do you know how many ways there are to say No Problems in the Swahili language? It's Africa's problem-free philosophy! Get inspired on how to leave your problems behind, the African way.
baby lion
Lion King

Hakuna matata means no problems in the Swahili language. Disney’s “Lion King” made the Hakuna Matata phrase known world wide!

But did you know there are at least 5 more ways to say “no problems” in Swahili?

So many ways to say NO PROBLEMS. A big happy smile usually follows…

For a long time I only noticed how many words there are in Swahili for “problems”.

Only lately I realized the whole thing is about NO problems!

I’m still practicing the “Just be happy no matter what” philosophy. People remind me all the time. “Hakuna matata Ella, just be happy…”

I’m starting to get it, I think… Practice with me and just be happy! Smiling helps 🙂

Remember this?



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