Lake Elementaita

A beautiful serene lake with ancient fascinating history of the rift valley. I had a magical time there.

Lake Elementaita, Kenya

Hidden in between the two better known lakes – Nakuru and Naivasha – lies the smaller and less familiar Lake Elementaita.

In the ancient past the three lakes were one big lake, and maybe one day they will reunite again … In the meantime, I highly recommend stopping for a few days of peacefulness in this beautiful lake.

instant bliss!

I stayed at Eagle’s point camp– Thanks to Effie Bar, an Israeli travel agent who shared with me a few incredible spots in Kenya. But this particular spot is her heart, and I understood why the minute I got there. The lake is beautiful and serene, absolute tranquility overcame me instantly. My time there was just perfect. I mean, look at my little cottage in this next video (but you can also camp)!


פורסם על ידי ‏‎Ella Harari‎‏ ב- יום שני, 10 במאי 2021

So why come to Eagles point camp?

🌿 Fran and the staff – charming and welcoming. Fran is a woman worth getting to know!

🌿 The sweetest dogs- especially Blossom who chose me for her friend from the first moment.

🌿 Flamingos – beautiful lumps of pink on the lake

🌿 The shores – A short drive will lead you to the open shores of the lake where you can see the flamingos relatively up close.

🌿 The conservatory- on the south side of the lake – I didn’t visit it.

🌿 For fellow enthusiasts of the prehistoric time:

     – The small museum at the camp itself – Fran’s project. An interesting collection of the history of the rift valley- the cradle of humanity.

    -The caves- I did not come, but Fran says it’s worth a visit. Caves used by the earliest hunter-gatherer groups.

   -The Kariandusi prehistoric site- with the Finds of the Renowned archeologist Lewis Leakey

🌿 But mostly… come for the beauty and tranquility


How to get there

By public transport: from Naivasha / Nakuru you can use a Matatu (local van buses) that will drop you off by the side of the road, and from there continue by Boda-Boda (motorcycle taxi) for a few more minutes to Camp.

The camp offers cottages and also camping options.




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