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In this post I share my personal playlists out of Africa. Tribal dances may slowly disappear in some tribes, but Africans never stopped dancing. Popular music is heard everywhere, filling you with joy and happiness. We in the West are totally missing out on amazing African music. Well that’s why I’m here, so that you can enjoy it too! It’s (always a good) time to dance!
picture from a music video of Zuchu one of the biggest stars in Tanzania
Zuchu (right) is one of Tanzania's musical superstars

African popular music is really one that brings the sun with it, and increases the joy and optimism with it’s amazing beats …

Dance and song have always been an integral part of African cultures, and probably anywhere else. An essential part of life just like food, sleep and sexuality.

Dance heals the body and spirit, and awakens our sensual juices. Dancing around the fire for fun, dancing in ceremonies and even dancing as part of a healing process- this is our original human way of living.

Since returning to my Mama Africa I have only grown stronger in my understanding of how dancing is part of the original human way of life. We are not supposed to live without dancing!

Unfortunately, many tribes stopped dancing their traditional dances with the advent of progress and major religions. But Africans never stopped dancing.
Popular music is heard everywhere even when you walk the streets. Out of homes, restaurants, making everybody feel good with that rhythm that only Africans knows how to produce.

So I invite you to enjoy and maybe even dance a little wherever you are at the moment …

Tanzania's Bongo Flava music

Tanzania is my favorite country in Africa and Tanzanian music is the best in my eyes 🙂 fun and happy…
This playlist is a party ready to happen. My advise to you is- dance!

My favorite latest hits on my YouTube playlistSubscribe to my channel while you’re there 🙂
And on Spotify.

Furaha (means happiness in kiswahili) is a huge hit- play the video and you’ll get why…

Kenya's Gengetone

I find Kenyan popular music to be a bit more blunt from the all around happy Tanzanian music, but really good as well.

On this YouTube playlist (this one’s not mine) you’ll find the best of the latest Gengetone Kenya has to offer.

This is one of my favorites telling about the life of Kenyans with humor:

Congo's Dombolo music

When I was travelling in Africa 20 years ago the happening thing was Dombolo music out of Congo driving everybody crazy!

It’s still very popular and one of it’s all time superstars is Kofi.

Here he’s collaborating with the amazing Tanzanian Daimond Platinum. This song is a party by itself:

Nigeria- African giant

Nigeria is a music super power. But the African giant is Burna boy!
Watch this fun interview where he tells the story of why he decided to call his album African giant. It’s an interesting little story about how the West perceives Africa…

Nigeria is producing Afrobeat hits one after the other. Here’s my YouTube playlist with my favorite singers. – Subscribe to my channel while you’re there 🙂

This was just a taste. A lot more great music is coming out of every African country. But as always I share with you what I listen and dance to.

Enjoy the music, and never stop dancing!!!
Remember a good party can even take place in the shower…



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Thank you for creating this valuable resource. I’ve yet to explore more of this website but I feel wonderful energy from what I have read so far. I need to travel to Africa!

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