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Here you'll find information on my online workshops and lectures straight from the Black Continent to your living room. Excited to meet online and share with you the deep tribal wisdom I've been collecting here for the last two years!

Future Primitive

I deeply believe that our future as humanity lays in the primitive. The primitive as in the primal, the initial. Humanity’s most ancient tribes from around the world are calling us home. As we were all a tribe once.

I’m happy to share with you the tribal wisdom I learn from the good people of Africa.

Big mama Little mama

Community & togetherness in Africa

Who’s a big mama and who is a little mama? and how many mamas are there?
When Africans say “It takes a village to raise a child”, well, they mean it.
In this one hour online talk I’ll be telling about community and togetherness in Africa, and on how we can also create togetherness in our Western life.
Thursday 11th of August 2022, 20:30 EAT
covert to your time zone here.

How much? 25$


The tribe’s ancestors are the ones who passed on from the world of living and linger on in spirit, in order to protect and bless their families and tribe.
In this online talk I will tell the stories of the African ancestors, and also touch on the importance of our own ancestors and how to connect with them in our Western life. Thursday 8th of September 2022, 20:30 EAT
covert to your time zone here

How much? 25$

mwanza sukuma bujora ancestors

For more details write me in comments or on WhastApp.

 The online talks and workshops are based on my experiences and life among East African tribes in the last two years, along with my anthropological and shamanic background, and my spiritual connection to the Black Continent.

See you soon, the Wandering Goddess.



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About Me

Hi, I’m the Wandering Goddess.

My life in a nutshell – B.A. in anthropology, a life changing one year journey in East Africa at 26, followed by Shamanic initiation, tribal wisdom & femininity studies, then, giving in-depth workshops for women and girls, tribal storytelling to children… And at 50, coming back to my Mama Africa to bring you more inspiration on our original way of life.

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