Hi everybody,
My name is Ella Harari and I’m the Wandering Goddess!

We were all a Tribe once

Travel around East Africa with me, the cradle of humanity,
through fascinating tribes, ancient customs, and never ending inspiration of
our original way of living- as we were all a tribe once.


Get inspired by Mama Africa
Tribal life, rites of passage, community values, traditional crafts and much more…

picture from a music video of Zuchu one of the biggest stars in Tanzania

African happy beats

In this post I share my personal playlists out of Africa. Tribal dances may slowly disappear in some tribes, but Africans never stopped dancing. Popular music is heard everywhere, filling you with joy and happiness. We in the West are totally missing out on amazing African music. Well that’s why I’m here, so that you can enjoy it too! It’s (always a good) time to dance!

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Seven days

This is how long a girl stays home with the women of her family after her first blood appears. She is given much needed time adjusting to the changes, in the loving embrace of mothers. We can too!

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The healing plants of mount Meru

A short hike along the Temi River on the slopes of Mount Meru in Tanzania, turned into a tour through the healing plants and trees of Africa. We were amazed to discover how many healing uses exist, often more than one use for the same plant! Let’s take a peek into the abundant gifts of Mama Africa!

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baby lion

Hakuna Matata

Do you know how many ways there are to say No Problems in the Swahili language? It’s Africa’s problem-free philosophy! Get inspired on how to leave your problems behind, the African way.

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Check out my personal tips,
and may your own unique path be blessed with good people and inspiring experiences!

Lake Naivasha

Peaceful and beautiful surroundings, and mini safari outside the cabin door, full of birds hippos and monkeys that made every day interesting.

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Kilimanjaro treasures

When we hear Kilimanjaro most of us will think about mountain climbing, but there is so much more to do around this beautiful mountain. Let me tell you…

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Tribes Tribes Tribes

Coming to Tanzania to meet “authentic” tribes?
Here’s a few tribal treasures you’ll probably miss out on if you stay focused on just getting these “exotic” pictures…

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Usambara Mountains

Green and full of streams and waterfalls, coffee farms, beautiful view points, and small villages to be discovered up the mountains.

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