Hi everybody,
My name is Ella Harari and I’m the Wandering Goddess!

We were all a Tribe once

Travel around East Africa with me, the cradle of humanity,
through fascinating tribes, ancient customs, and never ending inspiration of
our original way of living- as we were all a tribe once.


Get inspired by Mama Africa
Tribal life, rites of passage, community values, traditional crafts and much more…

Rosemary Ludovick Kinyaiya

Rosemary’s coming of age story

This is the story of a woman from a far away tribe and her coming of age ceremony.
A woman who’s still carrying fragrances of a heritage that has long been forgotten in many parts of Africa, just as it has been forgotten by us. Now is time for remembering …

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Afternoon walk in Shimbwe

My 2021

2021 has been for me a year of dreams coming true. Watch my end of the year video, and my tip on how to push through the fears and live our dreams in 2022!

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wandering goddess on hammock

Traveling at 50

How is it different from my travels when I was in my twenties? and what about the CHANGE??? Is Africa any different? Read all about it.

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Safari- Deep longing

It’s my feeling that we all live with a deep, unconscious, and utterly unfulfilled longing to come back to a relationship of deep connection with our Mother Earth and with our nature family. And this is the real dream, underneath all other dreams, that brings us to our safari trip.

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