Hi everybody,
My name is Ella Harari and I’m the Wandering Goddess!


Travel around East Africa with me, the cradle of humanity,
through fascinating tribes, ancient customs, and never ending inspiration of
our original way of living- as we were all a tribe once.


Get inspired by Mama Africa
Tribal life, rites of passage, African women, traditional crafts and much more…

About Me

Hi everybody,
My name is Ella Harari and I’m the wandering goddess!
Here is my story. And it all begins with a legend of an African prince…

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About a boy

The walk down the Kanga river and all that happened on the way. A story about people and community on the slopes of the Kilimanjaro.

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Tribes Tribes Tribes

Coming to Tanzania to meet “authentic” tribes?
Here’s a few tribal treasures you’ll probably miss out on if you stay focused on just getting these “exotic” pictures…

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Weaving in a bar

How did I come to have weaving lessons in a bar on the Kilimanjaro mountain?
This story is about one traditional craft coming back to life in a bar of all places.

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