Safari- Deep longing

It’s my feeling that we all live with a deep, unconscious, and utterly unfulfilled longing to come back to a relationship of deep connection with our Mother Earth and with our nature family. And this is the real dream, underneath all other dreams, that brings us to our safari trip.

More pictures of this gorgeous leopard- at the end of the post

The open plains

I remember my first safari.

I was 23, making my dream come true, and coming for the first time to Africa!

We were in the Maasai Mara, and the most powerful experience for me was – the open plains.

Hours and hours of driving in the open spaces without any power poles or houses around. Everything was so open, I could watch the rain fall from a heavy cloud – while we were in the sun.

And of course the wildlife. Seeing free animals. First of all, free from the cage. And much more than that – free to live their lives, to wander free in the vast plains that are their home. Seeing the Maasai walking among the animals, knowing and respecting the kingdom of nature.

The great migration

On my last safari trip in the Serengeti I fulfilled an old dream- witnessing the wildebeest  herds cross the Mara River on their way to the green grass of the Maasai Mara.

The spectacular sights, the surging energy between life and death during the crossing, it was all worth it!

And in one moment as the safari vehicles huddled on both banks of the river, I felt, What are we looking for here?

So many humans on both banks of the river

What did we all travel for, from near and far?

My deep knowing is-

We all live with a deep unconscious, and utterly unfulfilled longing to come back to a relationship of deep connection with our Mother Earth and with our nature family. And this is the real dream, underneath all other dreams, that brings us to our safari trip.

Do animals feel?

Sure they do.

One of the moments of great privilege I experienced at the Serengeti was when elephants from two families met. The excitement was great and one by one, young and old, they stood in line to greet a certain elephant. The excitement was so great that in the line they created, the elephants were rubbing their trunks forward against the elephant before them,to feel the energy of the elephant they were all waiting impatiently to greet.

I have no experience or close familiarity with the elephants’ ways, I don’t know exactly what happened there, but it was clear that it was a meeting that really moved all the elephants involved.

Elepahants saying hello

Waiting for their turn to greet their friend/ family member

The other occupants of the safari car were terribly puzzled and were asking each other in bewilderment: What are they doing?

When I Simply said – they are greeting each other – awkward silence followed.

After all, they are just animals, they are driven solely by instincts, they have no emotions, they have no social connections. This is what many of us were taught. I hear these opinions from all ages and backgrounds.

We forgot so much. We have lost so much. We have drifted so far we can’t recognize our sisters and brothers the animals. So we fly huge distances to fill up this deep longing to our nature family.

Loving family

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Moving from one spot to the other, this family were all cuddles and love, rubbing against each other’s bodies as they walked…

We once knew

We got to know the animals from hours of watching and learning from the adults.

We knew the healing herbs and plants.

We knew the mountains, the plains, the caves, because they were simply our home.

Many tribes still live and know the kingdom of Mother Earth. And in her kingdom, if you get off the safari vehicle to take the perfect picture, you might never get back in it.

The kingdom of Mother Earth must be respected. 

Napping hippos

Sweet moments of togetherness
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This was such a sweet sight.
Chilling time, all huddled and candled together…

Western life

Here we are today, western societies all over the world.
We thought it was possible to live in the city, in the comfort of industrial modern life, and today we discover we still live in her kingdom. And disrespecting her comes with a heavy price.

In my eyes, this is also the source of the great curiosity towards tribes that are still live, and sometimes struggling to keep living, in harmony with Mother Earth. The most famous of them is the Maasai tribe of course.

And so tourists from around the world flock to the safari – to watch the wildlife, and to meet the Maasai people …

Cheetah family

Mom looking out for a hunt and kids following her lead
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The youngsters are still learning, counting on their mother to spot their next meal. And the mother is so focused and alert, so impressive.

So what am I saying?

Be sure to come on safari if you can – this may be one of the most powerful and memorable experiences of your life.

I’m also saying –

Remember you already live today and everyday in the kingdom of Mother Earth.

Go out into the nearby nature, tred gently, you might meet animals and birds on your way. 

hug a tree.

Trees are sentient beings, just like every animal and every stone and every creation of Mother Earth. Trees will take away your pain, sorrow, discomfort and illness.

Leave a gift for the trees, or at a place that made you feel good.

A greeting, a painting on a leaf, or any other symbolic gift from consumables.

Be willing to feel.

Open your heart. Then you will surely know that every animal is intelligent, in different wonderful ways than humans.Every animal feels, makes choices, have meaningful relationships.

Then you will surely respect all other life on Mother Earth, then you will surely know all creatures as your sisters and brothers again.

The ones who run on four legs, the ones who have scales, the ones who fly, and the ones who have tentacles. They are all your family.

Brothers playing

The youngsers played for the longest time, then relaxed, probabely waiting for their mother to return.
Enjoying the Serengeti sunrise


Pamoja in Swahili means we are together.

We are one family.

Let it be our philosophy of life…

Leapord life

This gorgeous leopard was chilling all afternoon to my delight. Along with some other 30 safari cars of course… Moving from tree to tree giving us amazing pictures to take home.
Here are my best shots:

The silhouette photo shoot 😉

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The audience

On foot

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Goodbye and thanks for the pics!

Would love to read your thoughts and feelings on that ♥

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