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Online talks & workshops

Here you’ll find information on my online workshops and lectures straight from the Black Continent to your living room. Excited to meet online and share with you the deep tribal wisdom I’ve been collecting here for the last two years!

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African inspiration

Seven days

This is how long a girl stays home with the women of her family after her first blood appears. She is given much needed time adjusting to the changes, in the loving embrace of mothers. We can too!

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Rosemary Ludovick Kinyaiya
My Kilimanjaro home

Rosemary’s coming of age story

This is the story of a woman from a far away tribe and her coming of age ceremony.
A woman who’s still carrying fragrances of a heritage that has long been forgotten in many parts of Africa, just as it has been forgotten by us. Now is time for remembering …

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Travel tips

Lake Victoria & Mwanza

Well it’s actually Lake Nyanza. And Mwanza’s nickname is Rock City. Find out why… And also all the reasons why you should go visit.

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Rites of passage

From girls to women

In the home of Mama Ally in Bagamoyo, a rite of passage was about to take place. Two girls will be initiated into womanhood. Join me for this inspirational story…

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African inspiration

About a boy

The walk down the Kanga river and all that happened on the way. A story about people and community on the slopes of the Kilimanjaro.

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Tribes Tribes Tribes

Coming to Tanzania to meet “authentic” tribes?
Here’s a few tribal treasures you’ll probably miss out on if you stay focused on just getting these “exotic” pictures…

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