Black gold of Africa

Read about the people behind the amazing Arabica coffee grown in East Africa- the black gold of Africa. Here you'll also find great coffee tours for your own visit to East Africa!
Africa black gold

Did you know I’m also a coffee storyteller for Elijah Coffee? Well now you know! I hope you’ll enjoy my stories about the people behind Africa’s Black Gold…

Once a year the Kahawa festifal is held in Moshi town at the foot of mount Kilimanjaro. It’s a celebration of coffee, where the best Arabica coffee in the world is grown. I drove down from my Kilimanjaro home for the occasion…

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Our very own Dr. Coffee of My Kilimanjaro home!
In his farm in the village of Shimbwe Dr. Coffee brings the legend of coffee to life. When you visit him you’ll get to roast grind and brew your own coffee, dancing and singing all the way to your amazing Kilimanjaro cup of coffee…

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Yemen or Ethiopia? Coffee’s origin myths go between two neighboring countries: Ethiopia and Yemen. And here’s where the plot thickens…

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This is a story about art, coffee and community combined in the Usambara mountains of north east Tanzania. In the town of Lushoto, an artist starts a coffee house that is working closely with the local Arabica coffee family farms. I arrived in Lushoto especially to meet with him and hear his story…

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go here on “Elijah coffee”.



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