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African inspiration

About a needle and a box

What does a needle have to do with an umbrella? Well it’s the box that comes between us and the answer to this question. I mean a mental box. And the thing is, it turns out it’s a Western-kind-of-thinking box. All will make sense I promise, just click and let’s begin the needle story…

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baraka's art - Detail from a hand made bag by Baraka.
Big little stories

Baraka’s art

Around East Africa, I’ve met many young people who make their living by creating for the souvenir industry, out of them, I occasionally meet artists. Baraka is just that, an artist in his soul.

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My Kweme earrings. On the left from the hard inner shell, and on the left from the outer inner shell.
Healing plants & trees

My Kweme earrings

A new and wonderful project started when one day I walked into the kitchen just as the chef finished cracking the unique Kilimanjaro oyster nuts for his famous sauce. I looked at the empty shells with their rich texture and immediately knew what I was going to create from them…

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Traditional crafts

Weaving in a bar

How did I come to have weaving lessons in a bar on the Kilimanjaro mountain?
This story is about one traditional craft coming back to life in a bar of all places.

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