2021 has been for me a year of dreams coming true. Watch my end of the year video, and my tip on how to push through the fears and live our dreams in 2022!
Afternoon walk in Shimbwe
Afternoon walk in Shimbwe

Hi everyone,

I made this short video to celebrate the beautiful year I’ve had, and to welcome 2022!

So much of my experiences this past year still didn’t make it into the blog, so stay tuned 🙂

This can be a year of dreams coming true, you know there’s no reason to wait, right?

Got to say, when I finally made up my mind to go on my journey back to East Africa, after a long time full of doubt and fears, the first thing I did was to write about it on Facebook So I can’t back down!

So write for me in the comments what dream are you going to live this year! That can be the first step in an amazing road for you!

Whatever it takes to live our dreams… don’t give up!

Pushing past the fears

While writing this post I was inspired to talk to you a little more about how to push past the fears that stop us from realizing our dreams.

I hope you will find this short video helpful. Let me know in the comments!

Happy 2022 everybody! 
Wishing all of you a wonderful year full of adventure and new experiences.



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Great content! Keep up the good work!


Wooh wonderful and brilliant ideas I have learned that nothing can come true if you are at” your comfort zone”keep on working on your excellent constructive social ideas.

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